Gate of Stories – consulting service and narrative projects

Gate of Stories and Eeva R. Tikka offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Searching dramaturgic consultation? A writer? Searching mainstream screenplays? Or maybe in need of entertaining stories? Or you might be interested in ballet animations? Choose a path for your needs.

If not sure what you need or what it costs, get in touch.

Käsikirjoitusten kehittelytyö on vaativa prosessi.

Dramaturgy and consulting

Consulting in English and Finnish. 65€/h + tax 24%

zoom/skype consultation in Finnish or English 45€/45min (includes tax)

Movie Hybrid Stories

The mainstream story concepts are told using CGI-images, music, and subtitles in English. Vimeo OnDemand streaming (PayPal payment). If interested in adaptation for film or series productions get in touch.

Ballet Animations

Ballet animation studies: Only gravitation and the fight against it makes ballet animation interesting. Gravitation must be first created and then animated dancers must look like fighting against it. Fight against gravitation is what real life ballet dancers do.

Publishing books