CV – Eeva R. Tikka

MA/FM Eeva R. Tikka


  • Virtual Reality project
  • long term screenwriter / writer / libretist
  • script consulting, story analyses and other works as a dramaturg in Script Consultation (dramaturgipalvelu): over 900 consultations made for regular customers like film production companies and writers (screenplays, TV-series scripts, theatrical plays, other audio visual material)
  • 3D artis, animator – Movie Hybrid Stories (Audiovisual Graphic novels) SKR logo valk jpg
  • GRANT FOR Audiovisual graphic novel (3D) development (movie hybrid stories) The Finnish Cultural Foundation grant, Uusimaa regional fund (2016)
  • 2018 The Finnish Cultural Foundation GRANT FOR the virtual reality project The State of Darkness with enactive avatar (8 month working). SKR logo valk jpgTikka was participating the project as a dramaturgical supervisor, writer and animator. The State of Darkness was accepted to the Dublin’s ICIDS 2018 Art Exhibition in December. (International Conference for Interactive Digital Storytelling)


1999-2007 Master of Arts, University of Helsinki, 12.6.2007. Major: Comparative Literature, Minor: Esthetic, Theater Studies. MA Thesis: ”Joseph Campbell’s mythic theory applied to Mio, My Son Mio by Astrid Lindgren”


Finnish, English, Swedish; French, Italian, Russian, German and Arabic

PUBLISHED BOOKS and related action

  • 2021 Writer, publisher, Romantic Comedy What a Heavenly Wedding Day!
  • 2018 editor, publisher for Allegory Intelligence: learning from symbols and allegories by philosopher-writer Markku Graae (in Finnish)
  • 2017 writer, illustrator of ballet picture book Nutcracker II – the story of Clara and Nicholas published October 2017 (in Finnish), ISBN 978-952-68774-0-2
  • 2017 libretist, dramaturg and ballet repetitor in Lappeenranta City Theatre’s ballet performances Nutcracker – the story of Clara and Nicholas, premiere 9th November 2017


  • 2012 Kuningatar (The Queen) short film, screenplay for scientific research purposes, , dir Pia Tikka, NeuroCine, aivoAALTO research project, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland- Dept. of Film, Television and Scenography
  • 2011 Munamies 1 ja 2 (DVD) (Prod. Storyof) /TV-series (40 x 5min/ episodes ) Sub Juniori TV-series starts (first episode) 17thOctober 2011 , head writer Eeva R. Tikka , storyline Eeva R.Tikka and Mauri Tikka, scripts Eeva R. Tikka, Mauri Tikka / NOMINATION: nominated finalist for Golden Venla Award 2011 in category “TV-series for children”
  • 2011 The Third Woman Mobile game, dir. Pia Tikka, Premiere in New York Galapagos Art Space 8th May 2011, Co-writer and dramaturgic consultant
  • 2008 Tukka auki (prod. Helsinki Filmi) TV- series, drama-comedy/12 episodes, story liner, screenwriter
  • 2004 Käenpesä (Helsinki Filmi) TV-drama series, 65 episodes/ story liner, screenwriter
  • 2004 Obsession (prod./dir. Pia Tikka, Oblomovies Oy) short film, script analyst
  • 1998 Sand Bride (dir. Pia Tikka, prod. Mika Kaurismäki, Oblomovies Oy), feature film, co-screenwriter
  • 1995 Daughters of Yemanjá (dir. Pia Tikka, prod. Mika Kaurismäki, Oblomovies Oy), feature film, co-screenwriter, actress
  • 1994 Dancing in Boulevard (prod./dir. Pia Tikka, Oblomovies Oy), short film, screenwriter, actress, assistant director, production designer

SCRIPT SUPPORTS / GRANTS for feature film screenplays by Finnish Film Foundation

  • 2015 script writing support  – The international TV series concept Soultech (sci-fi) screenplay Eeva R.Tikka and Mauri Tikka/ WGAW register
  • 2012, 2011 script writing support  – Nonnuke (action/comedy ) screenplay Eeva R.Tikka and Mauri Tikka/ WGAW register
  • 2012 development support  -Maiden of Dusk (erotic drama spiced with magical realism) writers Pia Tikka and Eeva R. Tikka
  • 2012 script writing support  -SoulTech (scifi /action) screenplay Eeva R. Tikka and Mauri Tikka, WGAW register
  • 2010, 2009 script writing support  – Love and Revenge in Marbella (romantic comedy) screenplay by Eeva R.Tikka
  • 2009, 2008 script writing support  – The Real Princess (action-thriller) original story and screenplay Eeva R. Tikka, WGAW register
  •  2009 development support / 2008, 2007 script writing support – What a Heavenly Wedding Day! (romantic comedy / fantasy) original story, screenplay Eeva R. Tikka, WGAW register

SCRIPT SUPPORT for short films by AVEK

  • 2011 script writing support  – Sunday Diary (drama, 50 min)Original story, screenplay Eeva R. Tikka


  • 2011 Libretto for a Ballet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs based on the fairytale of Grimm Brothers, Performances by Finnish National Opera Ballet School/Finnish National Opera/ Almi Hall,(premier Dec 2011)
  • 2008 Libretto for a Ballet Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs based on the fairytale of Grimm Brothers, Lappeenranta City Theater, (premier Nov 30, 2009)

FINNISH NATIONAL BALLET and the career as a dancer

  • 1985 – 96, ballet dancer, corps de ballet and soloist roles, Finnish National Ballet
  • 1984 – 85, dancer, The AB Dance Company (Aurinkobaletti)


  • 2001, Ballet school performance/Director-dramaturg, Ballet School Sonja Tammela, Lappeenranta Hall
  • 2000, Ballet School performance/Director-dramaturg, Ballet School Sonja Tammela, Lappeenranta Hall
  • 1999, Arja Kalistaja-Tikka, Päivi Laihanen Christmas Concert, Director;Galleria of Cygnaeus, Helsinki
  • 1999, Arja Kalistaja-Tikka Soloist Concert, Director, Theater Avoimet Ovet, Helsinki
  • 1995, Assistant of choreographer Marilena Fontoura, Finnish National Ballet
  • 1977-81, assisting in several theater performances, Lappeenranta City Theater

3D-artist and ANIMATION

  • 2012-… 3D animation programming / Blender
  • 2013 Long feature film’s storyboard created with Blender 3D animation software, (anonymous client)
  • 2016, Audiovisual graphic Novels (moviehybrid stories), supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Regional fund.


  • 2013 Aalto University: NeuroCine -seminar educator: Special demands for writing for scientific research
  • 2008-2012 Thesis examiner for The Degree Program in Television and Film, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • 2003-2008 Screenwriting courses


Finnish, English, Swedish; some French, Italian, Russian, German and Arabic

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