Current Projects

 1)  Non-fiction:  LE DROIT HUMAIN freemason Markku Graae Allegory Intelligence – publishing in August 2018 (in Finnish)

ISBN 978-952-68774-2-6 (nid.)
ISBN 978-952-68774-3-3 (EPUB)

allegoria-intelligenssi – FL Markku Graae (kirjan esittely pdf)

allegoria-intelligenssi - FL Markku Graae.jpg

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2)  Fiction: The science fiction novel Soultech – playing in God’s domain (publishing in the Fall of 2018) based on TV series concept.

Soultech novel tells an unforgettable love story that crosses all imaginable borders of time, death and galaxies.

Soul transfer executive Morgan Chezer: ”The universe existed before you were born and will exist after your death. However, there is something we can do for you in SoulTech.”

 SoulTech – playing in God’s domain

Contact:  eeva.tikka ( a  t)

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3) Fiction: Libretto of ”Nutcracker II – the story of Clara and Nicholas” (Part II)  is available for professional ballet companies.

The story tells about Clara as a beautiful teenager falling in love with the nephew of her godfather Drosselmeyer, who is rumored to have magical skills. Clara’s adventure takes place in Drosselmeyer’s manor during the Christmas night.

The picture book Nutcracker II – the story of Clara and Nicholas will be translated and published in English during  2018. It was published in Finnish, October 2017.

Contact:  eeva.tikka ( a  t)

Pähkinänsärkijä II Kansi 070817

 ISBN 978-952-68774-0-2 Book available in finnish

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4)  Non-fiction: Mean script consultant in love – what are excellent scripts made of? (in Finnish, publishing Spring 2019)

”Tyly dramaturgi on ankara rakastaja: Tarinat ansaitsevat parhaan mahdollisen kerronnan, vähempi ei kelpaa.”

Tyly dramaturgi rakastaa KANSI

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